Digital orders and confirmations

Inviting guests to an event has never been so comfortable

120 NIS for a digital order package

180 NIF Package + SMS reminder for the event

תמונת טלפונים הזמנה לדוגמא

Digital orders, simply the most convenient at an affordable price!

Why pay a lot for reservations and confirmations of arrival?

The owners of the simcha invest a lot of money in the preparation of the event and the stage of approvals for arriving at the event amounts to a lot of money,
Preparing a designed digital invitation sent to the WhatsApp distribution list will save you a lot of precious time, and it will also save you money.
For example: fuel, and money for making regular orders, telephone arrival confirmations for guests, etc.

What does the digital order include?

The digital invitation includes: a designed invitation that will include all the details of the event, the names of the happy guests, the date of the event, the location of the event.
In addition, a form to be filled out to confirm the arrival of the names of the invitees and the number of arrival confirmations.
The orders are unlimited guests!!

And what happens after filling out the arrival permit?

After filling out the arrival confirmation form, you will be given an option to share the arrival confirmation on WhatsApp, or Telegram for example to wife, children and friends.
A reminder option is provided for the day of the event in the Google calendar (most people don't like the annoying text messages for reminders of the event!).
Navigation button to the event location which opens the WAZE on mobile.

How can I see the guests who have confirmed arrival?

The lucky ones will receive a unique link if their unique password where they can see all the guests who confirmed the arrival.
The owners of the simcha are also given the option to edit the list of guests who have confirmed their arrival. And of course a quantitative total of how many confirmed the arrival.
No matter what event you are planning,
The digital order will make it easier for you and save you a lot of money and time. To prepare a digital invitation for a sample wedding at an attractive price
Get in touch now, we promise you won't regret it!

צפייה ועריכת האורחים
אייקון רשימה
Navigation to the event location
אייקון וויאז
Sharing the arrival confirmation on WhatsApp
אייקון וואצאפ
Google calendar reminder
אייקון יומן גוגל

Digital orders for example

Digital wedding invitation -1

Notice for circumcision - 1

Digital wedding invitation for Liat and Doron

Notice for circumcision - 2

Digital wedding invitation for Rumi and Asher

Digital wedding invitation - 2

A digital invitation to the wedding of Liat and Dvir

Digital invitation to henna - 1

הזמנה דיגיטלית לחינה

Digital invitation to Bat Mitzvah - 2

שירות לקוחות
להזמנות לחצו
הזמנות דיגיטליות לכל סוג של אירוע
*שלום 👋*
שלום, ברוך הבא להזמנות דיגיטליות ואישורי הגעה דיגיטלים לאירועים.
תן לנו להציע לך חבילה מושלמת עבור תכנון האירוע, החבילה כוללת:
✅ הזמנה מעוצבת
✅ אישור הגעה דיגיטלי
✅ כפתורי שיתוף לאישור ההגעה
✅ ניווט ישיר למקום האירוע
✅ תזכורת ליומן בגוגל
✅ צפייה ועריכת מאשרי ההגעה
✅ סידורי הושבה לשולחנות
✅ חסכון בהוצאות
✅ אפשרות לתזכורת בסמס לאורחים.
הכל במקום אחד!
כל מה שאתה צריך לעשות זה ליצור קשר ונשמח לתת לך שירות.